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How sustainability drives the powder coating industry

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

As sustainability starts to play an integral role in consumer decisions, powder coating has taken a rise in the industrial industry. Not only is the material itself eco-conscious but the application process also provides minimal waste. With traditional coating methods being ruled out due to tightening building restrictions, many have started to search for options that help to preserve our planet for future generations. Various markets have started to offer innovative solutions in response to the growing concern over climate change.

Powder coating is an environment-facing product. Traditional liquid paint is solvent based and contains high levels of volatile organic compounds which means more hazardous air pollutants. Powder coating on the other hand does not contain any harmful compounds and because they are in powder form they can be packaged using less material and can be transported into large quantities. The technology that’s also involved in powder coating ensures that there is minimal overspray and powder that doesn’t end up on the product can be recycled for later use. The curing process also offers less exhaust. Through allowing exhaust air from the coating booth to be returned to the plant, less oven air in return is being exhausted outside. Thus the heating and cooling costs are being eliminated for make-up air and the costs for maintaining the oven temperature is minimized. Every step of the powder coating process is made to be highly protective of the environment. This proves why the carbon footprint of powder coating is up to ten times less than of solvent-based coatings.

With powder coating, everything from the packaging to the application takes a sustainable approach. So next time you are in the market for a coating service, choose powder because of all the long term benefits that it provides. At Modern Powder Coating we saw an opportunity in this industrial space and wanted to provide our local community with this sustainable option to help showcase their products in the best light possible. We offer powder coating to various metal products including steel and aluminium. Our services include free pickup and delivery, fast turnaround times and a choice of over 80 colours. For more information or if there is a project you’d like us to work on, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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