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Modern Time Aluminum first opened its doors in 1988 then branched into Mainland Aluminum and Modern Powder Coatings. With the help of his family, Sucha Thind found an opportunity in the industrial manufacturing sector and wanted to provide his community with a sustainable way of coating products. He noticed the shortage of these services and decided to set up an independent powder coating business to help meet this high demand. With the lack of readily available information back in the day, finding the needed equipment and suppliers was a challenge. Sucha conducted research on this unique industry on his own and started this business that eventually became one of the largest powder coating companies in Western Canada.


Modern Powder Coating takes pride in its customer service by helping their clients achieve goals while providing an environmentally friendly solution. We have cultivated a culture of integrity we believe transcends in every facet of our business. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work on amazing projects for our clients and we hope to be able to serve you next!

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